About us

A Brief History About the Artist, Scarecrow

In 1980, my wife and I quit our jobs, boarded our house in Ft. Lauderdale, took our 8 month old baby and drove to Mystic, Iowa for a 2-day art class from an old fella who painted under the name Hangman.  That 2-day art class would teach me the basics of a rare painting technique called Sumi-E Art.  Sumi-E translates to "white space".
What that meant for me was that I could use the background color of whatever I am painting on as part of the finished artwork... "white space".  That skill has allowed all of my artwork, stripes and scrolling to look as though it belongs as part of the bike, car, truck, trailer, helmet, guitar, etc.  What I also learned was the basics of how to paint with 3 or 4 different colors on one brush at the same time.  That technique, which I have mastered with 40+ years of experience, gives all of my artwork a 3-dimensional look, even down to an 1/8 inch stripe.  
Eleven days later I walked into my first dealership in Wichita, Kansas and painted on 3 motorcycles and 1 pickup truck.  And so our journey of 40+ years began.  For the first 4 years we worked exclusively in motorcycle dealerships, on their showroom floors, painting artwork and stripes on their brand new motorcycles for sale, as well as for any of their customers who wanted to personalize their own bikes.  Eventually, we added some of the more popular national motorcycle rallies to our schedule, like the Sturgis Bike Week, Wing Ding and the Daytona Big Week.  After traveling to 50 states in 40 years, we settled back in the Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina where we now own and operate a historic Inn called the Calhoun House Inn & Suites (www.CalhounHouse.com).  Our Scarecrow Art Studio is located in the renovated old Carriage House adjacent to the main Calhoun House.  We invite all of our Scarecrow Art customers to bring their bikes and trikes here to schedule their personalized artwork appointments, stay in one of our spacious, comfortable suites, enjoy the shops, restaurants and breweries that are all within walking distance to our quiet little town and ride our windy, mountain roads while enjoying the beautiful scenery in the Great Smoky Mountains.
Call, Text ( 828-788-0505 ) or Email ( ed@ScarecrowArt.com ) for your personalized appointment today.