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 Free-hand, paintbrush artist specializing in eagles, scenes, flames, feathers, cartoons, pinstripes & requests on GoldWing & Harley-Davidson motorcycles, while you wait, with more detail than airbrush.

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Distinctive Motorcycle Art since 1980
Experience Matters in Art

Regarded, by many, as the #1 freehand motorcycle artist in the United States,

Scarecrow has the unique ability to load 3 or 4 different colors
 on the same brush, at the same time
, giving his finished work a
 3 dimensional quality that is not available from other artists.

This very rare technique is called Sumi-E Art and involves leaving the
background color of the motorcycle as part of the finished art design.

All of Scarecrow art work is done freehand, while you wait & watch (if you want).

There is no disassembly of your bike required!

There is NO clear coat required...........EVER!
All art work is done using an industrial, exterior, sign paint,
designed to stay in the weather 24 -- 7 - 365!
Click Here to see Cycle Care instructions.

All Scarecrow's work is guaranteed for life!
If it ever comes off, Scarecrow will fix it for free!

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2020 Schedule Calhoun House Photo Galleries Old Photos
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