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I have added new Photo Galleries on a different server.
This has allowed me to add hundreds of new photos of my artwork.
Although the old photo pages will remain on the site indefinitely,
I recommend going to Photo Galleries to view the latest pictures.

This is the only professional photograph on the web site.  
It was taken by a company called Iron Immortals.  
The art work in the background of the eagle and the banner, 
behind the motorcycle, is a detailed picture of the fairing art.  
There is a multi-colored, decorative scroll work 
on the rest of the bike. 



Unfortunately, I have not seen this company at any rallies for several years and I am certain they are no longer in business.


You can Click on either photo to enlarge it.
This will let you see the scrolling detail on the rest of the bike.
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GW8blgheag&bike.jpg (71578 bytes)This a similar picture that was sent to me by the owner of the bike.


This blue 2001 Gold Wing 1800 was painted at the 2001 Wing Ding in Greenville, South Carolina.


It has what we call a Ghost Eagle on the rear trunk (shown in the background image), ghost eagles on the fairing and a rare scroll design on the rest of the body parts.


The rest of the pictures on the site are not professional photographs!  
Most are shot by me (Scarecrow).
They are intended to give you, the customer, an idea of the many designs which you may choose from.  The actual artwork has more vibrant color & detail.

All photographs and designs are the exclusive property of Scarecrow Productions and are Copyright protected.  Unauthorized reproduction is strictly prohibited!

Because of the large number of available designs,
I have tried to organize the pictures into generalized categories.

Some categories are based on brand and some are based on design.
Some of these categories have subcategories.
Examples:  The GW 1800 page has more pages below it categorized by color.
The Harley-Davidson page has more pages below it grouped by model.

Sometimes the design you want will be on a photo of another brand of motorcycle.

Some of the pages do not yet have pictures on them.
Your patience is appreciated.  Please check the site again.

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