I have added Photo Galleries to the web site.
This has allowed me to add hundreds of new photos of my artwork.
Although the old photo pages will remain on the site indefinitely,
I recommend going to Photo Galleries to view the latest pictures.

This is a series of White Tigers I put on a 2003 Gold Wing.
The White tiger and cub is painted on the lid of an Escapade Trailer.
It measures a little over 3 feet tall by 2 feet across.

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<Front Fender                Trailer Lid>

 whiTGRredfen.jpg (88608 bytes)    whiTGRredTRL2.jpg (61411 bytes)    whiTGRredTRL.jpg (103061 bytes) 

This is on the rear trunk.

whiTGRredtrk.jpg (49740 bytes)

These are the saddle bags.

whiTGRredltsb.jpg (98883 bytes)        whiTGRredrtsb.jpg (82631 bytes)

Over 100 hours of art on this "1 BAD 97" Chevy Silverado Show Truck.
It has won many 1st place awards at Super Chevy Shows nationwide.
I painted a full size map under the hood with all the states they have
driven through, the interstates used and every Super Chevy Show city.
It is proudly owned & displayed by Dale & Ernie Hall from Richmond, VA.

    1BAD97map.jpg (30608 bytes)    1BAD97.jpg (28565 bytes)    1BAD97tgate.jpg (28817 bytes)

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Even the window glass has artwork on it.

DHlion.jpg (43902 bytes)    1BAD97hood.jpg (43962 bytes)    whtiger.jpg (43463 bytes)    bkpanther.jpg (26431 bytes)

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