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By loading silver and black on the paintbrush at the same time, 
I can create a metallic, 3-D look to my Barb Wire stripe designs.

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This Barb Wire Stripe replaces the factory stripe on a Harley dresser.
Note the Barb Wire Bar & Shield on the fairing.

BWgrFLHtnk.jpg (65949 bytes)    BWgrFLHfront.jpg (74883 bytes)    BWgrFLHsbtrk.jpg (56357 bytes)

This Barb Wire Stripe covers both of the 
factory stripes on this Heritage Softail.
There is a Barb Wire Bar & Shield on the front fender.

HSTblslvBWrttnk.jpg (60515 bytes)    BWb&sblHST.jpg (40994 bytes)    HSTblslvBWlttnk.jpg (43419 bytes)

Click Here to see a Barb Wire Stripe on a black Heritage Softail.

This is a Barb Wire Weave around the factory stripe on a Road King.

BWRKrttnk.jpg (52389 bytes)    BWRKlttnk.jpg (50746 bytes)

This is a gold Barb Wire stripe woven around the stock factory pinstripes.

gdBWbkrt.jpg (49238 bytes)    gdBWbktanrt.jpg (45464 bytes)    gdBWbktanlt.jpg (55644 bytes)    gdBWbklt.jpg (41902 bytes)

Click Here to see a Barb Wire Stripe on a Fat Boy.
Click Here to see a Chain Stripe on a Fat Boy..
Click Here to see a Feather Stripe on a Road King.
Click Here to see a Flame Stripe on a Road Glide.

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